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Why Does My Business Image Matter?

We know many businesses are struggling to survive. An obvious way to survive would be to cut company spending. However, we recommend improving your business image. Yes, it’s an investment, but this could actually help grow your business in these hard economic times.

Many economists say investing in your business during these difficult times can lead to large rewards when the economy picks up. Perhaps it’s time to improve your company’s identity by redesigning your company’s logo.
The reputation of any business is one key factor which encourages new customer growth. Your message could be lost if your image does not convey your products or services being offered. Make sure your company image is captured within your logo.

Your logo sends your business message to the outside world. The logo should be designed to impress potential customers as well as gain their trust.

There are many ways to design a logo, using an online logo service or hiring a marketing agency like us.


Is Direct Mail Right For Your Business?

The United States Postal Service® has recently launched the Direct Mail Hub® an online service to make Direct Mail simple and more cost effective. We use Direct Mail Hub® for our clients. Our favorite part is being able to select only the neighborhoods which our clients service. What are the benefits of Direct Mail? Direct more » Continue Reading

Is your website not visible on Google?

Thousands of websites lost traffic from Google. Yes, Google is continually changing their algorithm, but this past April was a different story. A lot of SEO firms were left scrambling, trying to figure out what was going on with their client’s website rankings. Google is getting tougher on webmasters. Here are a few reasons why more » Continue Reading

Turn Around A Struggling Business

Many business owners and managers have reported financial setbacks and increased competition to globalization issues. Just because of the setbacks or these companies which are struggling to get ahead, does not mean their fate will be become your fate. It’s time to take a new look and approach at your company and your current situation. more » Continue Reading

How to Find Errors Before They Embarrass You

Proofreading Hints for Business Owners Use two people Compare a table of columns by putting the original next to the typewritten copy Check for vertical and horizontal alignment of the columns Count the number of entries in each column and compare with the original number Proofread by breaking the task into components: numbers letters headings more » Continue Reading

Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

1: No regular marketing activity Many small business owners get bogged down in running their businesses the proper way, and only do marketing when they have absolutely no work. This is too late. Marketing is extremely important and it takes time to build rapport and trust it should be a regular activity designed to keep more » Continue Reading

Local Online Marketing Now Gets a Little Easier

By harnessing the power of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing we’ve created a way to bring new customers to local businesses.  Google is the number one search engine, we focus on organic rankings as well as alternative traffic sources for local businesses. “Our idea is to harness the full power of the Internet and yes there more » Continue Reading

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